Growth, production and processing of food and beverages products

Agrifood Heading

Agrifood, the growth, production and processing of food and beverages products, is one of the largest industries in the country. There are many dynamic careers in food and beverage production spanning product creation and quality control for a diverse range of products such as meats, seafood, baked goods, snacks and confectionary, neutraceuticals and vitamins, craft beers, distilled beverages and wine.

NorthWest Skills Institute offers a selection of technical courses and programs so you can have a successful career in the agrifood industry.

Participants can take individual courses to gain new skills or pursue a pathway to earn a certificate. These certificates are valued by industry as they show you have gained the skills to fill occupations employers have deemed critical to the success of their business.

See below to learn about the agrifood courses and certificates offered by NorthWest Skills Institute.